Most small towns in New Zealand have at least one mortgage broker resident, and if these brokers are generally well known and invested in the community then they should have a steady supply of new clients and existing clients. However unless they are regularly supplying mortgages for farmers and other agricultural Industries then it is likely that they will not have a very lucrative business simply because of the low number of property purchases in their town and the relatively low value properties and hence low value of mortgages.

Teresa Roberts, mortgage broker

In 2017 a sizeable percentage of new customers for mortgage brokers search for their chosen broker online. In many cases those customers in small towns may know the broker and would prefer not to deal with them, or they may not know the broker and may prefer to deal with a large city broker. It is very easy for them to search online for a broker, although the sad fact is that in almost every case their search will throw up one of the small handful of very large mortgage broking firms that totally dominate the online search market in New Zealand. For Hamilton mortgage brokers click this link.This is a sad fact because there are a large number of very competent, experienced and dedicated independent brokers that’s simply do not get access to this Internet search market because they are unable to get their website rank in the top 3. However these independent brokers can still do well in the small towns if they market themselves to the local builders, real estate agents and developers, as these parties will be very happy to have a a very good mortgage broker on tap that they can recommend a prospective clients to. Everybody wins when the client gets their mortgage!

However this approach will not address the Internet search market that is currently dominated by the big firms, and these large firms are generally so well supplied with new leads that they need to put an unskilled administrative person on the front desk to prescreen the clients so that only the easiest clients are taken on board. These large firms can get away with providing mediocre service, because there will always be new clients coming in through the door via their website and Internet search. For more information visit

These large firms do have the potential to be disrupted if a competitor manages to get their own website ranked in the top 3, and this is actually a plausible business model for a modern hi tech SEO specialist company. Such a company can get their own website into a very dominant position for Internet search, and then feed the leads that are resulting directly to the independent mortgage brokers in real time. The potential for the SEO specialist company and any lucky mortgage broking company that receives the leads is for the combination to be very lucrative indeed.