Mortgage broking in New Zealand can be a very lucrative profession, particularly in the cities and towns with high priced housing. The mortgage broker needs a steady supply of customers, a high average value of loans and a high completion rate for the loan applications.

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For all that, any broker that has a good supply of new customers from the smaller lower value towns will still be happy, simply because the work involved in organising a mortgage is not that great. In the larger centres the competition for the high-value customers is very high, and the market is dominated to a very large extent by a small handful of large mortgage broking firms that have the marketing budget to make certain that their dominant position remains. These firms have spent a fortune on website development and SEO to make certain that Google searches always throw up a list with their name at the top.

For small independent brokers in these large cities a good strategy for them is to chase after customers in the smaller towns, as in many cases the small towns are not well served by local mortgage brokers because of the low volume of local business. Find out more about mortgage brokers in Waikato. Customers and small towns can be pleasantly surprised by the very high level of professionalism and quality advice that they get from a city broker. The traditional method for the broker to secure business is to have a very good working relationship with the local real estate agents in small towns and cities, and if possible to have a good working relationship with builders and perhaps even survey companies and architects. This means that they will get good referrals as business crops up.

In the modern age there is a smarter option available for some brokers, and that is to use a specialist SEO company to find leads for them. The specialist SEO company can create a website dedicated to attracting and converting customers, and technology means that these leads can be send by SMS message in real time to the mortgage broker. This is a particularly smart strategy, as the SEO company is effectively picking up business from under the noses of the large mortgage broking firms who have spent a lot of money making certain they dominate the sector. An independent mortgage broker can purchase the leads individually, and does not need to worry about making the massive and risky marketing investment necessary.